Our Vision

School never came quite that easy to me. I had to work hard at it to keep my focus and stay engaged.

This lack of engagement is why I became an educator. I wanted to "do" school differently and engage my students in ways that I had not been. For this same reason I founded Innovate Education, LLC in 2009, to offer professional development focusing on instructional technologies that enable engagement.

At Innovate Education we believe that engagement is a direct factor in student acheivement and school improvement. However, to accomplish this task educators are faced with the challenge of engaging a generation of students that are very different than us. These students have grown up in a world of technology immersion, and the engagement of these students poses a challenge. Too often we are faced with students who know technologies better than we do. This 21st C. student learns differently than we may have, and we need to adapt and enhance our teaching to meet their learning needs.

I believe that is where instructional technology fits into our curriculums. No matter the state, no matter the standards, no matter the educator... technology must become a seamless piece of our currciulums. Educators must use instructional technology to enhance their teaching and engage the learning of their students. Innovate Education's professional development workshops are designed to enhance instruction and give educators ideas on how to use these tools to engage the "digital natives" that sit in our classrooms.

It is an exciting time to be an educator, as we are constantly developing new ways to focus our teaching to enhance student engagement through the use of technology.

Mike Meechin
Founder, Innovate Education, LLC.